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Happy New Year 2013!

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Jennifer, Patti, Becky, Lisa D, Eileen, Yana

Jennifer, Patti, Becky, Lisa K, Eileen, Yana

January 9, 2013

I checked the stats for this blog today and was amazed, we had more views in 2012 (17,765) than in 2011 (12,639), 36,336 total from June 2010.
The LA KNOCKERS seem to live on in peoples’ memory, 30 years after their glory days.
So I sent a message to everyone with the good news and received these responses:

Kimberly Blank: WOW!  Thank you Elisa, for keeping us current and accounted for!!!   What a legacy…
Happy New Year to ALL of us!
Kimberlee Carlson: Groovy!  Great job Elisa… Keep on Knockin’!
DeeDee Rescher: Now we can truly say “The legendary LA Knockers!”…Fantastic.
Eileen Molloy: Wow! That’s exciting!
Lisa Kessler: XOXO to all of you !!!
Lisa Durazo: We all knew the Knockers would never die!
Kim: Never!  Never die!!!
Jennifer Stace: So so happy the LA Knockers are still knocking… who would have thought?  I knew it — we were all so special… it makes me cry to read  this and to hear from all of you…. and I bet you’re all still dancing somewhere somehow… Elisa you were the spark that captured us in the moment to last a lifetime.
DeeDee: Our fearless leader has surfaced!!!! HIP HIP HORRAAAYYYYY!!!!!
Kim: Here’s to Jennifer, our intrepid, inspired, fearless, sexy, and gloriously creative leader!  You gave us a unique place to express our  individuality as dancers, and show-offs… An actual way to be paid for performing in LA and beyond… A  chance to develop and create…A unique opportunity  for being ourselves and exploring our inner Knocker-ness!!!   Muchas Gracias!!!
Kimberlee: Ditto! Couldn’t have said it better.  Thanks Kim for expressing Jennifer’s impact on my life/our lives- creative and otherwise-so perfectly.  Don’t know what my life would have been like without Jennifer and the Knockers… Love Vibrations to you all!!
Eileen: Yes, Kim, you summed it up perfectly!!! Thank you, Jennifer, for that wonderful dancing experience!!
DeeDee: I concur…thanks Kim! Beatifully expressed!
Elisa Leonelli: Yes, feeling the Love Vibrations from all of you, I decided to spend a few hours to create a new blog post, so our readers/viewers will know that we’re still alive and kicking…
Suzi Lonergan: Thanks Elisa for all you do for the Knockers.  Jennifer gave me the opportunity to perform almost daily, to actually make money while going to UCLA, to travel to Japan and to really grow as a performer.  It was a very alive and passionate time.  We all have friends for life – and thanks to you photos! Love to all, and Happy, Healthy, New Year!
Yana Nirvana:  Thanks for keeping the Knocker home fires burning. I just got to dance with Eileen and this Saturday I’ll be dancing with Marilyn. Keep on keeping on!
Marilyn Corwin:  The L A Knockers just keep on coming… and looking good!   Your extraordinary photos captured the essence and fun of the group through the years. While editing the Knockers videos, I had the pleasure of getting to know the girls and their performance personalities all over again. I also re-discovered the excitement of the woman who infected us all with her passionate vision of funky-gifted-talented-precocious female dancers =  Jennifer Stace, creator of the L A Knockers.  My fondest sentiments to all.
Jennifer:  I’m so proud to have danced with all you, brilliant, expressive and creative dancers. Our lives were filled with dreams worth while. We danced and had a grand old time doing it. We will live on through these beautiful photographs. All too wonderful to forget, caught in the moment by a great photographer. We were the diva’s of the seventies and eighties. It was our time…
My love and thanks to each of you.  Jennifer Jean, the old time burlesque queen.

Marilyn, Kimberlee, Dee Dee, Lisa L, Kim, Jennifer, Suzi, Becky

Marilyn, Kimberlee, Dee Dee, Lisa L, Kim, Jennifer, Suzi, Becky

Written by laknockers

June 23, 2010 at 7:38 pm

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  1. I am amazed and happy our beautiful blog has done so well, but then why not… porque no? we were amazing and beautiful with laughter on every step…. besos forever, jennifer


    January 10, 2013 at 11:43 pm

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