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Kimberlee, Jennifer, Jolli, Becky, Patti, Boyd

July 7, 2010

The show at the Playboy Club generated rave reviews, see one below from The Hollywood Reporter, November 16, 1979, by Frank Barron.

“L.A. Knockers. Playboy Club, through Dec. 8
The action is hot in the Playboy Club’s living room these nights, courtesy of a dynamite dance group called the L. A. Knockers.  These eight energetic women combine every sort of dancing style, have marvelous sensuality, plus a knack for comedy that has the audience yelling for more.
The Knockers spoof the Village People’s “Women” in various amusing costumes, as well as Dorothy (“The Wizard of Oz”) meeting Dracula, Superman, King Kong and John Travolta (“Saturday Night Fever”) as she dances her way in ruby slippers through the craziness.  There are right-out-front sizzling dance numbers such as “Taxes”, “Love Vibrations” and “Have a Cigar”.
The show is well choreographed by Jennifer Stace, and the costumes by Boyd Clopton, who also directed, are a standout.  This is just the kind of unique and exciting act that the dying nightclub business needs nowadays to liven things.”

Jennifer, Boyd

One reason why this happened is that the dance routines were very ambitious and elaborate, and to help out Jennifer Stace and her wonderful choreography, director Boyd Clopton stepped in and created these imaginative costumes.

See Boyd Clopton above at the feet of  Kimberlee Carlson as Dracula, Jennifer Stace as John Travolta, Jolli Neal as King Kong, Patti Nelson as Superman, Becky Jordan as Dorothy.

And here with Jennifer Stace, both looking hot in black leather.  Boyd sadly passed away ten years later, in 1989, but Jennifer is still alive and kicking, teaching dance to new generations of students.

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  1. yes Boyd did our costumes… You can google him, he did a ton of wardrobes, Michael Jackson, et all. I noted when I looked him up that the dates of his life were given,1935-1989. We lost touch.
    I love it, that picture of me and Boyd I have not seen and don’t remember, so funny, he looks very handsome, my body looks good:-) ah well time has no mercy…


    July 11, 2010 at 8:25 pm

  2. excerpt from “The Philosopher’s Daughter”

    The Playboy Club in Century City hired us for six weeks. I engaged Boyd, a well-known costume designer to assist me as co-director. Kim, an explosive dancer, returned to the show. Playboy gave me a budget for eight dancers. Mirrors covered the ceiling, floor and backdrop, giving a feeling of thirty-two women on stage. We opened with the Village People’s “Women,” performing a high-stepping kick line, costumed as a cowboy, boxer, cadet, sailor, hard hat, soldier, football player, in outfits put together from second-and stores.


    August 14, 2010 at 2:02 pm

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