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LA Knockers-L’Espresso

July 9, 2010

And here is a published layout in the Italian Weekly L’Espresso from 1981.
The short text says:
They are 6 girls, all of them from California, they sing at dance at the rhythm of disco music.  They are called the L.A. Knockers and they represent the female response to the macho style of the Village People.  A cross between vaudeville and sophisticated avant-garde, with an an eye on the box-office, the Knockers deliver comic gags, shiny glutes and sinful moves in the clubs of Las Vegas and Reno.  Recently even Frank Zappa wanted them to tour with him across the United States.


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June 28, 2010 at 9:28 am

Marilyn Corwin

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July 28, 2010

Marilyn sent us these thoughts

I always felt like was a little too funky to  fit in with my blonde hair blue-eyed California girl image… it wasn’t until I experienced Jennifer teaching her creative, outrageously funky dance moves and fun combinations to James Brown, Rufus and soul tunes that I found my calling. Her students resembled a mix of sorority girls, from Chicago to Beverly Hills.   I noticed a blonde blue-eyed ice skater, Natalie, doing these robot and locking moves alongside a girl I thought I had watched  on Soul Train, Lissa. Yana was a tall athletic blonde, striking and  unusual.  Adding to the eclectic mix of beauties was Denice, a curly-haired dancer from UCLA, perhaps a princess type but certainly not in attitude.  It was so exciting watching these white Girls get down and funky in their striped knee socks, knickers pants, sport tops and hats.  I thought “I want to do that.” Jennifer’s class was a blast!  Her work always left room for individual self expression. What a great fit!  After class Jennifer approached me and asked if I was interested in joining her company.
From Tokyo to Las Vegas, with Dick Clark and Frank Zappa, the L A Knockers have been turning heads  and raising eyebrows, in films, commercials, on stage  and television, since the mid seventies, with their unmistakable trend-setting rule-breaking fashion styles.

Were we chicks and babes?  Never!  Strong women and individuals?  Always! We ARE the L A Knockers!

Read about Marilyn’s credits as an actress, dancer and choreographer in her IMDB biography.

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June 24, 2010 at 6:00 pm

Joan Wulfsohn

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Jennifer, Joan 1980

Jennifer, Joan 1980

January 12, 2014

In a Happy New Year message to all the former LA Knockers that we’re still in touch with, I asked them to tell us what they have been up to lately.
Joan Wulfsohn sent us an excerpt from her new book Stalking Carlos Castaneda

“Around 1979 I had been collaborating and dancing with the LA Knockers, the company of my friend, Jennifer Stace for a couple of years. I’d formed a close friendship with her when she was teaching street-dance at a studio where I was employed. She had an off-beat and truly crazy sense of humor and was forming an all-female punk-rock group that she had named ‘The LA Knockers.’
Their irreverence proved confusing to those who interpreted their name as a reference to female body parts and enraged these same audience members, hopes dashed and sensibilities offended at seeing these young women “knocking” sexism, racism and time honored role-models. This iconoclasm was so far ahead of its time that the only true fans the troupe attracted were members of the gay community and an occasional fellow nut like Tom Waits and Frank Zappa.”

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June 20, 2010 at 6:41 pm

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