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Jennifer Stace

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August 6, 2010

Jennifer writes:

In 1987 I moved to Baja, not to retire but to start the next facet of my life. I wanted to read, write and think – things I’d neglected for years. I wrote a memoir, The Philosopher’s Daughter, as a tribute to my son, Michael, who died in 1994, and I hope to get it published next year. And now after writing about my life, I felt the urge to swing across the dance floor again. I’d been doing yoga, but dancing brings music to the spirit and laughter to the soul, energies I’d sorely missed. Today I’m teaching retirees how to do hook turns, ripples, swing their hips while whaacking their arms to Latin Rhythms.  They love it and I love them. Thanks everyone for the joyous times we shared.

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Baja Times

Final comments from Jennifer:

It wasn’t just a twist of fate that brought all these beautiful dancers together. It was a sense of the unusual, the joy of laughter, and rebelliousness in their characters.  The LA Knockers created a pocket of special-ness that lasted for years. Across Los Angeles to Texas and up to Canada and over the sea to Japan, we entertained audiences everywhere, getting fired even retired, but we never gave way to the mundane. We reveled in our eccentricities. It was a privilege to work with these amazing women and to create with and for them a spot in the world of funk, a kookiness, into a theater of the bizarre. We found a wonder in life and created hilarity instead of straight up and down entertainment. When I look back I’m filled with awe at what we accomplished. It shines on every page of our blog that Elisa Leonelli, who believed in us from the start, created. We see ourselves dancing in videos from edited versions of our shows created by our own, Ms Marilyn Corwin. Thank all of you for your phenomenal contributions to the L A. Knockers. It was a time in my life I’ll always treasure.

Written by laknockers

June 24, 2010 at 12:49 pm