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L. A. Knockers Village People

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Debbie, Leticia, Jennifer, Kim, Jolli, Patti, Becky, Kimberlee

July 7, 2010

The opening number of that legendary show at the Playboy club was a chorus kick line to the tune of the song ‘The Women” by the Village People.
Here’s the line-up: Debbie Petersen/Hard Hat, Leticia Ibarra/Electrician, Jennifer Stace/Military Police, Kim Blank/Boxer, Jolli Neal/Football Player, Patti Nelson/Military Cadet, Becky Jordan/Sailor, Kimberlee Carlson/Cowboy.

And here’s the L. A. Knockers clad in white leotard and vinyl leggings for the dance number “Visions Aurora,” song by Michael Cavanaugh (Jennifer’s son).

Leticia, Kim, Jolli, Kimberlee, Jennifer, Patti, Becky, Debbie