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L. A. Knockers new dancers

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Debbie, Jolli, Leticia

July 7, 2010

Here’s 3 new dancers added to the line-up in late 1979.

Debbie Petersen, Jolli Neal, Leticia Ibarra.

We have lost track of them, if anyone knows how to contact them, please send us their email.  Thanks!


Leticia, Kim, Debbie

The fourth dancer, Kim Blank, hidden by a mask in the photo below, in the middle between Leticia Ibarra and Debbie Petersen, dancing the number “Have a Cigar”, is very much around, an accomplished choreographer.  You may want to take a dance class from her! Take a look at her website.

And here is Kim (Kimberly) Blank again in her boxer outfit.

Pop Quiz!  But you had seen her face before, although upside down, as the lady in white threatened by Dracula, in a previous post.  Go back and take a look!

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June 29, 2010 at 6:29 am

Kim Blank

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August 3, 2010
Kim wrote (August 17)
My first performance with Jennifer Stace and The L.A. Knockers was in 1975.  I was introduced by Joan Wulfsohn, it was during the period when Jennifer and Joan were both teaching at Dupree Dance Academy on 3rd St. in L.A.  Between then and sometime in the mid-80’s I had the chance to perform with the group in various clubs and venues in L.A., and to travel to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, El Toro Marine Base, and Tokyo, Japan.  Beginning with a New Year’s Eve performance for the dawning of the 1980’s, we had a regular gig working  at the venerable El Cid of Silver Lake (we alternated with the Flamenco show, performing for the locals, as well as Japanese tourists.)  Along the way I had the opportunity to test my skills as a dancer/performer and choreographer, and assume some wild and outrageous costumes and identities while I was still searching for my own.  It was fun, tough, crazy, eye-opening, and amazing!!!  I made friends lifelong friends in the process.
A few months ago I attended a concert that featured three acts, dominated by women; I was transported back to my days with the L.A. Knockers, by the music, the apparel, the wigs, the attitudes, the raw energy, and style.  I didn’t want to say, to my young friends, “been there, done, that…”  but yeah…kinda had been!
So thanks for this fabulous layout Elisa!!!  Thank you for documenting us so aptly and beautifully, back then, and and thank you for bringing it all up to date for us now.  All my love to my fellow Knockers.  Thank you Jennifer, for giving us an opportunity to work, develop and be creative!!!

I currently teach a full schedule of dance and fitness classes in L.A., and work doing  choreography for film, television, and commercials.

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June 24, 2010 at 2:22 pm