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Patti Nelson

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August 3, 2010

Patti Nelson now goes by the name of Trish.  She lives in Colorado Springs  Lisa Durazo (now Rebik) is in touch with her, she writes:
(July 29) Hi Elisa,
I just spoke to Patti (Trish), she doesn’t “do” e-mail so I’m forwarding all the LA Knocker stuff to her sister. She’ll visit her sister and read everything. I’ll stay in touch with her, so that she can send a little memory blurb to you.

Jennifer Stace remembers:

Patti, Eileen, Lisa

(July 31) Patti created a spot for herself because she was a gymnist and could do acrobatics, which was a plus for my choreography; acrobatics were becoming fashionable at that time.

Those two girls, Lisa and Patti/Trish were two peas in a pod, adorable! Both were fine dancers and improvisers. Patti brought in Lisa (Durazo) and Lisa brought in Eileen (Molloy) after Patti left.  Patti and Lisa were roommates and Eileen was their best friend; they were both beautiful dancers. Eileen was a classic beauty and dancer. She displayed a first class standard of excellence and was one of my favorite dancers.   Lisa tapped like a fiend and could spin like a top.  She had a magnetic personality on stage.

They joined the company late, and traveled with us to Japan. All three were excellent performers and were a major and bright addition to the LA Knockers!

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June 24, 2010 at 1:26 pm