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LA Knockers headshots

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July 27, 2010

After becoming friends with Jennifer Stace, Marilyn Corwin and Yana Nirvana, during our first photos session in 1976, they asked me if I could take B&W headshots of them, because they were needed to print 8x10s for their work as dancers and actresses.

I readily complied and we shot 2 rolls of negative film.

Here are some of the results, my favorite frames.



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June 24, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Marilyn Corwin

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July 28, 2010

Marilyn sent us these thoughts

I always felt like was a little too funky to  fit in with my blonde hair blue-eyed California girl image… it wasn’t until I experienced Jennifer teaching her creative, outrageously funky dance moves and fun combinations to James Brown, Rufus and soul tunes that I found my calling. Her students resembled a mix of sorority girls, from Chicago to Beverly Hills.   I noticed a blonde blue-eyed ice skater, Natalie, doing these robot and locking moves alongside a girl I thought I had watched  on Soul Train, Lissa. Yana was a tall athletic blonde, striking and  unusual.  Adding to the eclectic mix of beauties was Denice, a curly-haired dancer from UCLA, perhaps a princess type but certainly not in attitude.  It was so exciting watching these white Girls get down and funky in their striped knee socks, knickers pants, sport tops and hats.  I thought “I want to do that.” Jennifer’s class was a blast!  Her work always left room for individual self expression. What a great fit!  After class Jennifer approached me and asked if I was interested in joining her company.
From Tokyo to Las Vegas, with Dick Clark and Frank Zappa, the L A Knockers have been turning heads  and raising eyebrows, in films, commercials, on stage  and television, since the mid seventies, with their unmistakable trend-setting rule-breaking fashion styles.

Were we chicks and babes?  Never!  Strong women and individuals?  Always! We ARE the L A Knockers!

Read about Marilyn’s credits as an actress, dancer and choreographer in her IMDB biography.

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June 24, 2010 at 6:00 pm


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Yana, Jennifer, Marilyn

August 7, 2010

Well, nobody sent us a request to see this old photo, so here it is, a blast from the past (1976).  Jennifer Doyle as Stepmother, Marilyn Corwin as Marbella, Yana Nirvana as Drucella, the wicked stepsisters in this X rated movie version of the classic fairytale, where Cinderella gets help from her “fairy” godmother to become sexier and win over Prince Charming.
You can actually purchase the DVD from Flixster if you’re curious.

The L.A. Knockers appeared in several film and television projects, separately and together.  Marilyn Corwin sent us a funny video, Dancers on John Paragon of Comedy Show, where Marilyn, Yana Nirvana, Becky Jordan, Kimberlee Carlson, Lisa LeCover (Kessler), Liz Brody are dancing in a number about “boobs”, “jugs” “knockers”.

Many former Knockers still work as professional actresses, dancers and choreographers. Others wrote books and started businesses.

Yana Nirvana is creating art sculptures, see slideshow at

Joan Wulfshon runs a Cellular Recall Healing Center in the Pacific Palisades. Take a look at the website
She has written a book “The Child is not Dead”, read about it on this website:

Dee Dee Rescher still works as an actress, she has recently started a Chili Pepper sauce business with her husband George. Enjoy their fun website:

Suzi Lonergan teaches Pilates. She has made a video, that you can order on her website

Kim Blank teaches dance and fitness classes in Los Angeles. Find a description of classes and schedule on her website

Please, all of you Knockers out there, send us your news, tells us what you’re up to now!

Love and thanks
Elisa Leonelli

P.S. I have written a book about Robert Redford.

LA Knockers studio 1976

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LA Knockers 1976. Jennifer Stace, Marilyn Corwin, Yana Nirvana

LA Knockers 1976. Jennifer Stace, Marilyn Corwin, Yana Nirvana

June 12, 2015

Welcome back, we have some new photos for YOU!
I am scanning a best selection of my color slides for archival purposes, at higher resolution.  So I am revisiting my extensive photographic coverage of the LA Knockers, and choosing those images that I feel are worth preserving for posterity in digital format.  The original transparencies will also be saved.
Here’s 2 additional poses from that first studio session of 1976.
Watch Jennifer Stace, Marilyn Corwin, and Yana Nirvana kick up their heels and shoot from the hip!

LA Knockers 1976. Jennifer Stace, Marilyn Corwin, Yana Nirvana

LA Knockers 1976. Jennifer Stace, Marilyn Corwin, Yana Nirvana

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June 16, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Italian blog

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 Jennifer, Patti, Becky, Lisa, Eileen, Yana

Jennifer, Patti, Becky, Lisa, Eileen, Yana

July 20, 2015

An Italian blog just published the story of my career, with advice for young people on how to make it in another country.  I made sure that the LA Knockers were mentioned, with a photo of those wonderful girls, and their names too!  I picked the lineup of a November 1980 photo session in my studio. Jennifer Stace as Boxer, Patti Nelson as Military Cadet, Becky Jordan as Cowboy, Lisa Durazo as Sailor, Eileen Molloy as Military Police, Yana Nirvana as Baseball player.

See the earlier post on this blog, and the 2013 post.

See the third chapter of my career, if you read Italian.

For those who don’t, I created a website, Elisa Leonelli-My Career, with English translation.

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June 16, 2010 at 4:20 am

Black on Red 1980

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Patti, Eileen, Yana, Lisa, Becky, Jennifer, Joan

Patti, Eileen, Yana, Lisa, Becky, Jennifer, Joan

July 21, 2015

As I continue to scan more photos of the LA Knockers for my archives, I chose another pose of this line-up for the song “It ain’t the Meat, it’s the Motion” with Jennifer Stace kneeling next to Joan Wolfsohn, standing Patti Nelson, Eileen Molloy, Yana Nirvana, Lisa Durazo, Becky Jordan.  Also from November 1980.
See the earlier post.

At that November 1980 photo session, I also took one roll of 120mm film with my Hasselblad.   See below.

Patti, Eileen, Yana, Lisa, Becky, Jennifer, Joan

Patti, Eileen, Yana, Lisa, Becky, Jennifer, Joan

White and Pink 1980

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Becky, Patti, Jennifer,  Yana, Eileen, Lisa

Becky, Patti, Jennifer, Yana, Eileen, Lisa

July 22, 2015

See those girls “Acting Out” in my studio dressed in white and pink, with gloves and feather boas. Becky Jordan, Patti Nelson, Jennifer Stace, Yana Nirvana, Eileen Molloy, Lisa Durazo.

See earlier post.

And the B&W version, a different pose: Eileen Molloy, Becky Jordan, Yana Nirvana, Jennifer Stace, (kneeling) Lisa Durazo, Becky Jordan.

Eileen, Patti, Yana, Jennifer, Lisa, Becky

Eileen, Patti, Yana, Jennifer, Lisa, Becky

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June 16, 2010 at 4:00 am